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Bingo - definition of bingo by The Free Dictionary

" Bingo!" is simply another one of those little wrinkles that can make offense more fun for the kids and at the same time create problems that will force the opponents to worry about it and devote valuable practice time to it. Since we practice and use "Bingo! often,

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Videos of bingo meaning

bingo: to do something with absolute accuracy; " on point ". Like if your playing darts and you hit the bulleye in the middle youd shout out " Bingo "! Or if you were looking for something and you suddenly found it you would say " Bingo ". Used as a sense of self gratification for an accomplishment. Citation from "An Apocalypse to Remember",

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Urban Dictionary: B-I-N-G-O

bingo meaning This is a list of British bingo nicknames.In the game of bingo in the United Kingdom, callers announcing the numbers have traditionally used some nicknames to refer to particular numbers if they are drawn.The nicknames are sometimes known by the rhyming phrase bingo lingo and there are rhymes for each number from 1 to 90, some of which date back many decades.

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Bingo definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

bingo definition: 1. a game in which prizes can be won by matching numbers on a card with those chosen by chance 2…. Learn more.

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What does bingo mean? bingo Definition. Meaning of bingo

Saying Bingo signifies that one is happy that the task he/she has been working on is finally successfully done, it could be a way of saying that “I deserve a pat on the back for this”. So, if you hit the bull’s-eye or you complete an arduous task then go ahead and say “Bingo!” Meaning of Bingo: 1. To do something with absolute accuracy.

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Bingo definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

What does BINGO stand for? List of 8 BINGO definitions. Updated May 2020. Top BINGO abbreviation meaning: Big International Non-Government Organisation

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BINGO | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Bingo meaning word bingo comes from Cantonese when foreigners and Chinese played games (not bingo) and the Chinese wanted to know who the winner was. They would scream bingo? What does in bingo in playing and however where and who is the winner mean? In bingo. Foreigners have interpreted this as ‘I won the jackpot’. a game of chance played with cards with numbered squares corresponding …

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Videos of bingo meaning

bingo meaning, definition, what is bingo: a game played for money or prizes, in wh : Learn more.

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BINGO - What Does BINGO Abbreviation Mean?

Define bingo. bingo synonyms, bingo pronunciation, bingo translation, English dictionary definition of bingo. n. pl. bin·gos 1. A game of chance in which each player has one or more cards printed with differently numbered squares on which to place markers when the

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